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The United Kingdom actually has a blasphemy law.

Q: What actually constitutes blasphemous libel?

During a private prosecution in 1977, the trial judge said blasphemous libel was committed if a publication about God, Christ, the Christian religion or the Bible used words which were scurrilous, abusive or offensive, which vilified Christianity and might lead to a breach of the peace.

However, it looks like this law will be rescinded soon.

Meanwhile, in democratic Afghanistan,

Afghan reporter accused of blasphemy sentenced to death: official

A court in devoutly Islamic Afghanistan has sentenced a local journalist to death for blasphemy, an official and family members said Wednesday.

“Based on the crimes Perwiz Kambakhsh committed, the primary court yesterday sentenced him to the most serious punishment which is the death penalty,” Balkh province deputy attorney general Hafizullah Khaliqyar told AFP.

The tendentious attorney general also said,

“Journalists are supporting Kambakhsh. I will arrest any journalist trying to support him after this,” he said.

Ah, the subtle differences between democracies.


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January 23, 2008 at 12:45 pm

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  1. […] defeat for the freedom of expression I had posted about how a student was threatened with the death penalty in Afghanistan in the beginning of this year, for the victimless “crime” of blasphemy […]

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