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Science stuff – I

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Here’s a bunch of fascinating posts from some really good science blogs.

(i) Microfluidic chips for imaging behaviour & neuronal activity
(ii) More on microfluidics

From the Neurophilosophy blog. Mo talks about a new study which uses microfluidics devices to look at how the behaviour of a worm is related to it’s neural activity.

(iii) Interface Between 2 Insulators Becomes Superconducting

ZapperZ posts a link to a study which shows that the two dimensional interface between two insulators can be a superconducting. Fancy that!

(iv) A Tiny Arthropod Tells A Tectonic Story

The Zooillogix team reports on a study by a bunch of Harvard biologists who looked at the DNA of mites, and then linked that to plate tectonics and the shape of the Pangaea landmass!


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September 1, 2007 at 8:58 pm

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