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Double standards

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There’s an article I recently read which clearly shows the schizophrenic behaviour of the Bush administration.

The article, which is on BBC, is about US soldiers who’ve been accused of murdering civilians in Iraq. What caught my eye in particular, was an official US military statement which read,

“The charges are merely an accusation of wrongdoing. The soldiers are presumed innocent unless and until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of any alleged offense”

Ok, that makes sense. After all, “innocent unless proven guilty” is one of the basic principles by which most judicial systems function1. This way, the person who’s accused does not have to prove anything, and this prevents unfairly targeting individuals and jailing them with accusations where it’s difficult to establish a proof of innocence.

Well atleast in principle that’s how it should work, but we all know what the Bush administration does to principles2. With the aid of some breathtakingly dumb logic3 and the gratuitous political “spin” of certain media outlets4, the Bush administration “justifies” the indefinite detention of human beings by simply relabelling them from “prisoners” to “enemy combatants” faster than you can say hypocrisy. What does the Bush administration achieve with this word play? They rob the detainees of the fundamental right of habeas corpus, and simply assume that all detainees are guilty.

Where’s your assumption of “innocent unless and until they are proven guilty” now, eh?

What’s sadly ironic is that, if one considers the currently available evidence, some of the US marines who are accused of murder have in all probability committed brutal war crimes. Why don’t they indefinitely put the US soldiers accused in the Mahmudiyah killings or the Haditha massacre in Guantanamo? Or will it’ll end up like the My Lai Massacre, where 500 civilians were murdered in cold blood, and in the resulting “trial” only a single soldier was imprisoned, and then let free after 4 months?

There’s a phrase which Captain Blackadder coined that aptly describes what Bush has made our world into, and I think that the phrase rhymes with “clucking bell”.

[1]- Although, some sharia courts may have a slightly different way of functioning, which may happen to involve stones.
[2]- Poor principles. You’ve got to feel for them. They simply don’t stand a chance when faced with such a vicious onslaught. They’d have been better off trying to become the head of a school or something like that.
[3]- Or rather, the lack of it.
[4]- One media outlet in particular. The identity of which should be obvious to even a lazy dog which has been jumped over.


Written by parseval

July 1, 2007 at 12:43 am

Posted in bush, politics, rant

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