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Ergo Proxy

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Ergo Proxy

For all those of you who watch anime, I recently came across this fantastic series which I highly recommened. Ergo Proxy is a dark, futuristic, science fiction based anime. The visuals are stunningly rendered using digital cell animation and 3D computer modelling.

The story is based in a futuristic city known as Romdeau. The city itself is a typical Asimovian domed city, with it’s human inhabitants existing along with their robot servants (called as autoraves). The plot centers around the sudden appearence of mysterious creatures, called Proxies, and the spread of the Cogito virus. The virus (probably named after the phrase by Descartes) infects the autoraves and enables them to “think”, with the consequence being that the robot obtain “free will”. (You can pretty much guess what this leads to!)

The plot is sophisticated and takes many twists, and although slightly confusing at times, has many subtle (sometimes obscure) philosophical and historical themes. There are references to various individuals from diverse fields such as Alan Turing, the French poet Joë Bousquet, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the post-strucuralist philosopher Julia Kristeva, and even John Millais and his painting Ophelia, on which an entire episode is based. The influence of Greek and Aztec mythology in some of the episodes is also evident.

If you have time to kill and want to watch something interesting, I think you should give Ergo Proxy a try. It’s very enjoyable and refreshing to watch.

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Written by parseval

October 21, 2006 at 10:12 pm

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  1. Ergo Proxy for me personally is one of my all time favorite animes. It is in the league of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series. It is brilliant, thought provoking and unpredictable. Most people in various blogs would claim it is too pretentious and offers more questions than it could afford answer, some would say it’s riding the “philosophical bandwagon” but I disagree. This very relevant piece of anime is worth your money and time.

    Watching it engages you on an intimate level, seeing the main characters go on a journey and accompanying them, witnessing their “discovery” is quite an experience. I think it is a masterpiece and I too feel the need that a sequel should be made. The last episode gave answers to my questions but also left me with more that needed to be answered. It also has a high re-watch value and is destined to be a classic.

    Christopher C.

    May 20, 2009 at 8:04 pm

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